Top Quality Heavy "Dobari + Thick Grip" Shinai "Mine"



" Mime" is dobari style shinai. It comes with XXL size grip(32mm). 

"Mime "is our heaviest Dobari type shinai (600g).
Even with this super heavy weight, with our best weight distribution design, you will not have that super tip heavy feeling.
This style shinai can use it as suburi training or actual practice.   

 Style  Dobari
Grip Type XXL Round
 Grip Size 32mm 
 Weight 600 g 
 Material Taiwanese Bamboo



   Gender  Jr. High School  High School  University Adult
 Length  Male
less than 114 cm   less than 117 cm less than 120 cm 
 Weight  Male   more than 440 g  more than 480 g more than 510 g 
 Female  more than 400 g  more than 420 g more than 440 g




Top Quality Heavy "Dobari + Thick Grip" Shinai "Mine"

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