Top Quality "KOTO-II" Style Shinai "Sho-Shin"



1.Sho-shin(530mg) design was based on Go-Shin(560mg) a shinai from a Japanese 8 Dan Sensei and also advised by many other US Ranking sensei . Specially on the overall weight and the tsuka length is highly satisfing US Kendo Sensei

2. Goshin is made by the toppest quality Taiwanese bamboo and 100% handmade. .

3.Instead of "Fast-tip" feeling  (Dobari style sedign), Koto shinai had an evenly distribute its weight.? By this design, kenshi can more accurately feel  the shinai, as real-sword feel like. Although the average   weight is about 560mg, High ranking sensei loves its feeling when stricking.

4.Goshin has  an extra thicker handle design and perfect Tsuka-Gawa lenth.

5. This type shinai is special designed for the Kenshi goes higher in ranks, they tend to go  into a 'One Shot' style, (Clean Kendo)
          As our 6 Month   Policy, our Top Quality "KOTO" Style Shinai-Go-Shin has very high performance in quality, durability and   cost.

6. Top Quality "KOTO" Style Shinai-Go-Shinshinai   is assembled with Top Quality Tsuka; it comes with   Tsuba, and Tsuba-dome.

Very high performance in quality, durability and cost.


"Sho-Shin" Beginner's Mind.
Sho-Shin (??) is a concept in Zen Buddhism that can be  translated as the ' Beginner's Mind'.

Koto style shinai is more like a sword in that  the weight of the shinai is evenly distributed along the blade. This kind of feeling helps the kenshi develop  a sense of conviction in their strike, or 'Ichi-geki-Hissatsu' (To kill with one devastating strike).

We picked the name Sho-Shin for this shinai  because this shinai is all about going back to basics.

Polish your basics with the beginner's  mind!




 Style  Koto
Grip Type L Round
 Grip Size 28mm 
 Weight 530 g 
 Material Taiwanese Bamboo



   Gender  Jr. High School  High School  University Adult
 Length  Male
less than 114 cm   less than 117 cm less than 120 cm 
 Weight  Male   more than 440 g  more than 480 g more than 510 g 
 Female  more than 400 g  more than 420 g more than 440 g




Top Quality "KOTO-II" Style Shinai "Sho-Shin"

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