Top Quality "KOTO-III" Style Shinai "Go-Shin"



1. Go-shin was based on a shinai from a Japanese 8 Dan Sensei and also advised by many other US Ranking sensei . Specially on the overall weight and the tsuka length is highly satisfing US Kendo Sensei

2. Go-shin is made by the toppest quality Taiwanese bamboo and 100% handmade. .

          3.Instead of "Fast-tip" feeling  (Dobari style sedign), Koto shinai had an evenly distribute its weight.? By this design, kenshi can more accurately feel  the shinai, as real-sword feel like. Although the average   weight is about 560mg, High ranking sensei loves its feeling when stricking.

4.Goshin has  an extra thicker handle design and perfect Tsuka-Gawa lenth.

5. This type shinai is special designed for the Kenshi goes higher in ranks, they tend to go  into a 'One Shot' style, (Clean Kendo) ,
          As our 6 Month   Policy, our Top Quality "KOTO" Style Shinai-Go-Shin has very high performance in quality, durability and   cost.

6. Top Quality "KOTO" Style Shinai-Go-Shinshinai is finished with Top Quality Tsuka; it comes with   Tsuba, and Tsuba-dome.



"Sho-Shin" Beginner's Mind.
Sho-Shin (初心) is a concept in Zen Buddhism that can be  translated as the ' Beginner's Mind'.

Koto style shinai is more like a sword in that  the weight of the shinai is evenly distributed along the blade. This kind of feeling helps the kenshi develop  a sense of conviction in their strike, or 'Ichi-geki-Hissatsu' (To kill with one devastating strike).

We picked the name Sho-Shin for this shinai  because this shinai is all about going back to basics.

Polish your basics with the beginner's  mind!


Go-Shin: "Enlightened Mind"

Go-Shin (悟心) comprises of two Chinese characters. Go, or Satori(悟), literally means "understanding", and  is a Zen Buddhist Term for the realization of a state of epiphanic  enlightenment.? Shin, or Kokoro(心), literally means 'heart', and can be translated as  'the heart of things' or 'feeling'.

Go-Shin refers to  having an attitude or willingness to seek to understand the heart of things.

As a natural progression from our Sho-Shin  shinai, we named our best koto shinai Go-Shin because it is our willingness to  seek to understand that will carry us through our lifelong journey on the path  of kendo.

 Style  Koto
Grip Type XL Round
 Grip Size 29mm 
 Weight 560 g 
 Material Taiwanese Bamboo



   Gender  Jr. High School  High School  University Adult
 Length  Male
less than 114 cm   less than 117 cm less than 120 cm 
 Weight  Male   more than 440 g  more than 480 g more than 510 g 
 Female  more than 400 g  more than 420 g more than 440 g




Top Quality "KOTO-III" Style Shinai "Go-Shin"

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