Top Quality "KOTO-IV" Style Shinai "Jin-Shin"



Jin-shin(??) was based on our most popular Koto style shiani Go-shin (??).  The only difference is the weight on Jin-shin(??) is only 525g,35g less than shiani Go-shin (??).

Jin-shin(??)is made by the toppest quality Taiwanese bamboo and 100% handmade.

Jin-shin(??)  has  an extra thicker handle design and perfect Tsuka-Gawa lenth.

As our 6 Month Policy, our Top Quality "KOTO" Style Shinai-Jin-shin(??) has very high performance in quality, durability and   cost

Top Quality "KOTO" Style Shinai Jin-shin(??)is finished with Top Quality Tsuka; it comes with   Tsuba, and Tsuba-dome.




 Style  Koto
Grip Type XL Round
 Grip Size 29mm 
 Weight 525 g 
 Material Taiwanese Bamboo



   Gender  Jr. High School  High School  University Adult
 Length  Male
less than 114 cm   less than 117 cm less than 120 cm 
 Weight  Male   more than 440 g  more than 480 g more than 510 g 
 Female  more than 400 g  more than 420 g more than 440 g




Top Quality "KOTO-IV" Style Shinai "Jin-Shin"

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